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Cameron Chell

I am Cameron Chell, and I am a partner at Business Instincts Group, (BIG). At BIG we love creating prosperity and our purpose is to accomplish "What if?". We do this by building and financing start-ups, or growth orientated companies (ours or yours). Our primary tool and professional service is a proprietary management system called the RIPKIT. The RIPKIT helps ensure Clarity, Alignment and Measurement for innovative and fast growing organizations. I am also a founding partner of PODIUM Ventures, ( a venture creation form that creates and finances high-tech startups. I have written about investing in startups and lean startup investing on, Feel free to contact me for information about investing, startups or strategic planning.

Cameron Chell works with executives and investors to determine what is most important and exactly how to get it done.This specifically includes Strategic Planning, Team Alignment, Tactical Measurement, Corporate Structure and Finance. Most of Cameron Chell's experience is based around working with and or leading within teams to develop and finance new projects, technologies, companies or industries. Notable, would be the founding of the Application Service Provider industry, as well as the world's first Application Service Provider. The industry is now often referred to as Software as a Service, (SaaS) and is the underpinning of the Cloud Computing space. At the heart of everything Cameron Chell does in business is a Strategic Planning System developed by Business Instincts Group, The system is called the RIPKIT and whether you are responsible for building a product, running a marketing campaign or leading a company the RIPKIT is the link between your vision and your teams execution. The RIPKIT which is a proprietary process and a web based software system ensures your team has Clarity, Alignment and Measurement in everything it does on a weekly, quarterly, yearly and long term basis. Cameron Chell is also a founding partner of PODIUM Ventures, ( a venture creation form that creates and finances high-tech startups. PCameron Chell has been influential in the creation of a number of successful high-tech startups including UrtheCast (, Slyce (, and frendo (  Cameron Chell uses his expertise to guide teams, build companies and create possibility. 

Cameron Chell's Background

Cameron Chell's Experience

Founder at Broker Processing Service

2003 - 2005

Founder at ASP Industry Consortium

January 2000 - January 2001

Founder and and founding Co-Chairman

Co-founder at Engyro

1999 - 2001

Founder & CEO at FutureLink

1997 - 2000

Co-founder at SLYCE

March 2012

SLYCE is a Patent Pending Technology that enables any scan by your phone (ie QR Codes) that triggers a transaction at any time to pay a credit or commission to the owner of the location from which the scan was taken. For example a transit add can earn a commission for a product or service bought directly from an ad on a bus. A Retailer can be paid a commission for a product scaned on their shelf but purchased at a later time or different location.

Co-founder at UrtheCast

January 2011

UrtheCast is building and operates the first HD streaming video cameras of Earth from space. Imagine, if you will Google Earth Video in near real time!

Co-founder, Chairman at frendo

August 2010

frendo is a social money movement platform that allows you to move money to your friends or favorite charities for free. (This changes EVERYTHING!)

Co-founder at PODIUM Ventures

October 2008

Co-Founded PODIUM Ventures in October 2008, PODIUM Ventures provides accredited investors a platform to invest in Tech Startups that consists of a propritary Management Processes which facilitates greater transparency, accountibility and quicker liquidity of private company investments.

Co-founder, CEO at Business Instincts Group

October 2007

Business Instincts Group, facilitates Strategic Planning through it's proprietary RIPKIT process. As CEO I spend my time with the investors & management of our clients determining what is most important & specifically how to get it done.

Cameron Chell's Education



Cameron Chell's Interests & Activities

Startups, Business Development, Technology, Family, Chess, Classical Music, Kick boxing, reading, entrepreneurship, strategy, funding, capital formation, oil & gas, energy

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